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Kerttu Cantin, MA, LMFT

Helping individuals and families create better relationships

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Family Therapy

How is your family getting along?

Do you find yourself and your family in chaos? Does it seem that everyone is always arguing? Has your home become a constant battle field? Do you feel as if you have tried everything and nothing seems to work?

Are you ready to get help to improve your family life?  I can help.

I will teach parenting and relationship skills that you can practice in sessions and use at home to improve your family relationships. You will learn the skills necessary to improve all of your close family relationships. For example, we can work on techniques to manage your child’s behavioral problems and help you master positive parenting skills.

Family therapy can help families to reduce tension and develop constructive and cooperative problem solving skills to enjoy an enriched, fulfilling, and satisfying family life. I also help families get through difficulties that come with major life transitions – such as moving to a new area, divorce, or death of a loved one.

I also conduct Positive Parenting classes to focus specifically on acquiring proven positive parenting skills. Please check the Upcoming Events page for more information.  You can also find some helpful positive parenting tips on my Helpful Tips page.

Watch my short videos on Parent Modeling and Practicing Skills at Home.


Please call me at 714-745-1535 or email me today to make your appointment.